2.5 Gbit/s Device Brings Together Any Port, Service, Channelization and Functionality

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A single-chip carrier transport device enables equipment manufacturers to develop converged line cards and systems capable of handling any port, service, channelization and functionality while supporting both TDM and packet-based networks. Pioneering a new category of packet transport devices, these devices will enable the first 10 Gbit/s, fully channelized “any service, any protocol” line cards–resulting in 16 times more bandwidth and density than the high end of channelized line cards that exist today.

Griffin devices pioneer a new category of universal physical-layer (PHY) capabilities, enabling multi-service line cards to support an extensive array of rates, protocols and interfaces. This is made possible using Siverge’s patented VLSI core technology and circuitry–the Siverge Matrix centralized-resource shared bit-stream processing engine–in the Griffin family of devices. This technology enables Griffin devices to achieve unprecedented performance and functional integration density by allowing a new type of resource-sharing that facilitates the massive multi-channel, multi-protocol processing of thousands of independent data streams.

Griffin devices address all layer 2 protocols, any channelization levels (down to DS0), services, applications and port types in a single family of package-, pin- and software-compatible SoCs. Manufacturers can create comprehensive, converged multi-service line cards and systems or offer many variations of footprint- and software-compatible solutions for specific protocols, services, line rates, interfaces and channelization levels. The Griffin devices dramatically reduce board space requirements, power and complexity, while cutting overall system cost with a single design.

The Griffin family consists of four devices, each of which is available in three speed grades. The family will allow carriers and network providers to significantly reduce capital and operating expenditures while optimizing investments in next-generation packet-based networks and ensuring service continuation for all legacy data and TDM services. For system vendors, the Griffin family will enable new applications while greatly reducing development time and investment, bill-of-material costs and time-to-market. Carriers, network providers and system vendors alike will benefit from major reductions in product inventory and maintenance.

The flagship member is the SV3640/1/2 universal convergence device, which combines as many as 30 devices into a single highly integrated SoC. The SV3640/1/2 integrates SONET/SDH framing/mapping/multiplexing, T1/E1/J1/T3/E3 framing/mapping, M13 multiplexing, ATM/IMA controller functionality, HDLC/POS/PPP/LAPS/EOS/FR/MLPPP/MLFR controller functionality, and both Ethernet-over-PDH and Ethernet-over-SONET/SDH functionality (including GFP over VCAT with or without LCAS). Rounding out the Griffin family are three additional devices that provide more specific functionality and cost-optimized solutions for TDM-only applications (SV3600/1/2), legacy-protocol applications (SV3610/1/2) and “Ethernet-over-Anything” applications (SV3620/1/2).

Griffin devices can be used in applications ranging from packet-based transport systems and multi-service switches to ADM/MSPP systems, switches and routers. These devices also simultaneously support 2G, 2.5G, 3G and beyond wireless transport backhauling systems as well as BSCs and RNCs. The Griffin family comes with a comprehensive software package including API and companion GUI application that reduces system integration requirements, and an evaluation system for device testing, evaluating and demonstration. Siverge also provides reference designs and an entire line card and system solution in collaboration with network processor and other silicon partners. Related application notes are available under non-disclosure. Pricing ranges from $200 to $1,200, depending on the device and its speed and feature set, in OEM quantities of 10,000.

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