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CSP/BallNest Hybrid Socket for Reliable Test and Burn-in to 0.30mm Pitch

A new patented CSP/BallNest hybrid socket is suitable for prototyping, test or burn-in of CSP (chip scale package), BGA (ball grid array), microBGA and LGA (land grid array) devices. The socket from Aires Electronics features a lid that nests each ball termination into the socket for a reliable connection and can be used on any device with a 0.30 mm pitch or larger. The zero insertion force (ZIF)-style socket uses Aries solderless, gold-plated pressure mount spring probes, allowing for easy mounting and removal from the PCB (printed circuit board). The design maintains constant force throughout the entire test and burn-in cycle as well as on the surface mount PCB when no chip is engaged.

The socket solders down onto the target PCB in the same footprint as the socketed device. This process also enables the socket to be mounted to an adapter board terminated with male thru-pins effectively creating a thru-hole solder tail socket for BGA devices. The socket cover can also incorporate heat sinks for added test and burn-in flexibility. A four-point crown ensures “scrub” on solder oxides. The gold-over-nickel-plated compression spring probes leave very small witness marks on the bottom surface of the device solder balls, further increasing reliability. With a signal path of only 0.077 inches (1.96 mm), Aries’ new socket provides minimal signal loss for higher bandwidth capability. Special lid designs and materials are available upon request.

The compression spring probes in the Aries CSP/BallNest hybrid sockets are constructed from heat-treated beryllium-copper with 30 micron inches minimum (0.75 micron mm) gold per Mil-G-45204 over 30 micron minimum (0.75 micron mm). The socket body is PEEK or Torlon, while screws and alignment pins are stainless steel and all inserts are tin-plated brass alloy per QQ-B-626. The socket’s contact forces are 15 g per contact on a 0.30 mm to 0.35 mm pitch, 16 g per contact on a 0.40 mm to 0.45 mm pitch, 25 g per contact on a 0.50 mm to 0.75 mm pitch and 25 g per contact on a 0.80 mm pitch or larger. Operating temperature is -55°C to 150°C (-67°F to 302°F) and estimated contact life is 500,000 cycles. A BallNest socket for a typical 50 lead BGA device with 0.3 mm pitch is $500 each at quantity 2 pieces.

Aries Electronics, Bristol, PA. (215) 781-99561. [].

HD SDI Matrix Routing Switcher Features Remote Capability

A new HD SDI matrix routing switcher features a built-in, customizable Web page that allows for remote operation while remaining operating system independent. The 2444 from Sensoray allows for remote capability as well as simple front panel operation. Model 2444 is capable of switching SMPTE 292M & SMPTE 259M from any of the four inputs to any of its four outputs. An automatic reclocking and equalization of the incoming signal is applied to HD SDI signals from as far away as 150m and SD SDI signals from as far as 250m away.

The unit is enclosed in a simple desktop case; custom packaging dependent upon the end user’s needs can be arranged for OEM quantity orders. Pricing starts at $226 with OEM pricing and customization available.

Sensoray, Portland, OR. (503) 684-8000. [].

Copper/Aluminum Hybrid Pin Fins for Large Low-Profile Heat Sinks

A new line of extremely powerful hybrid copper/aluminum pin fin heat sinks is designed as an array of forged aluminum pin fins that are reflowed onto a copper plate. Hybrid pin fins are available in a wide array of standard sizes, with footprints as large as 8.2” x 8.2”.

The combination of the forging and reflow manufacturing technologies enables the creation of large footprint pin fin heat sinks that cannot be solely manufactured via forging technology. Due to their unique structural configuration, hybrid pin fin heat sinks possess the heat spreading properties of all-copper heat sinks, yet are substantially lighter in weight, and therefore highly suitable for applications that require the heat spreading capabilities of copper heat sinks without the associated weight constraints.

Hybrid pin fins range in footprint from 1.5” x 3.0” to 8.2” x 8.2” and in height from 0.3” to 1.3”. They provide outstanding cooling power due to the highly efficient nature of the pin fin technology, complemented and enhanced by the superb spreading characteristics of the copper base. In terms of overall weight, hybrid pin fin heat sinks are up to 50 percent lighter than identically structured copper pin fin heat sinks.

Hybrid pin fin heat sinks provide excellent cooling solutions for any application requiring large-sized, low-profile, efficient cooling solutions. They are highly suitable for “hot” semiconductors, multi-device cooling in cutting-edge surface mount environments, and for embedded applications.

Cool Innovations
Concord, ON, Canada.
(905) 760-1992.

Rugged Next-Generation COMx Multiprocessor Unit

Based on a COTS COMx open architecture platform, a new multiprocessor unit hosts up to seven hot-swappable processor modules, two sealed hot-swappable TP2 disk drives, dual hot-swappable AC or DC power supplies, 4 Gbyte RAM, and optional PCI Express modules. With enhanced graphics, the MPU COMx from Z Microsystems is designed for full system modularity, seamless processor upgrades and long operational life in harsh mission-critical environments. Providing high application flexibility, the MPU COMx is suitable for MBCOTM, CPoF and a host of other C4ISR programs.

The advanced MPU COMx workstation incorporates up to seven Intel or AMD-based processor modules into one durable, sealed aluminum chassis. Operators can mix and match processor modules with optional graphically enhanced PCI Express modules for applications that require extreme graphics capabilities. Dual hot-swappable load sharing power supplies, field-replaceable fans and hot-swappable TP2 disks make deployed serviceability effortless. The MPU COMx can also be easily networked and remotely managed.

The MPU COMx provides flexibility in field-deployed computing. Application-specific configuration changes can be made with the MPU COMx with speed and ease. With a single unified chassis, a variety of easy to swap computer and expansion modules and easily accessible dual redundant power supplies, the MPU COMx provides the most modular and upgradeable computing solution to the military’s long-term program cycles.

Z Microsystems, San Diego, CA. (858) 831-7000. [].

SATA Solid-State Drive Stores 416 Gbytes at 100 Mbyte/s

A 2.5-inch, flash-based solid-state drive is capable of storing up to 416 Gbytes of data and sustaining transfer rates of up to 100 Mbytes/s. The E-Disk Altima from BitMicro Networks is a robust SATA drive that can withstand shock and vibration up to 1,500 G and 16.4 G rms respectively. Mobile computing applications are set to benefit from these features since the 2.5-inch E-Disk Altima E2A3GL solid-state drive is a drop-in replacement for disks used in business laptops or rugged portable PCs. It is among the new generation of E-Disk SSDs supported by the EDSA DMC and LUNETA MFI ASICs.

In recent years, the SATA interface has gained a strong foothold in the PC market as it offered point-to-point interface that easily linked storage devices such as hard disks, DVD, and CD-RW drives to the PC motherboard. With the ongoing transformation of the personal computing market from desktop PCs to laptops, the 2.5-inch E-Disk Altima SATA solid-state drive easily meets the SSD requirements of mobile computer users. It can also be used as an SSD upgrade for business-critical, enterprise-class applications that require scalable and resilient solid-state storage solutions.

BiTMICRO Networks, Fremont, CA.
(510) 743-3193. [].

1U Network Appliance Sports High-End Graphics Chip and Eight GbE

Designed for high-performance networking and network security applications, the PL-10560 rackmount network appliance from Win Enterprises supports a range of applications including IDS/IPS, firewall, VPN gateway, load balancing and UTM. It offers a choice of Pentium M or Celeron M ULV processors. It features the 915GME/910GMLE integrated high-performance 2D/3D accelerated graphic chip and ICH6-M I/O controller with system memory up to 2 Gbytes with two DDRII memory sockets. A removable cover enables easy access to CompactFlash and memory for system upgrades.

The flexible platform offers a choice of four GbE Copper or eight GbE Copper with one pair optionally reserved for bypass function on the front panel. The front panel also features one RS-232 serial port for local system management, maintenance and diagnostics. In addition, the PL-10560 supports one PCI-E x 4 slot, one PCI-E x 8 golden finger via optional riser card, and one PCI expansion slot. It is RoHS and FCC/CE compliant. Feature customization is available when ordering in OEM quantities. Linux, Windows Embedded XP and FreeBSD are supported

PL-10560 is available in two configurations: The PL-1056A 1U rackmount appliance with Intel Celeron M 600 MHz/512K onboard, 4 x RJ45 GbE, SATA, CF, PCI-E x 4, PCI-E x 8 is priced at $518, and the PL-1056B 1U rackmount appliance with an Intel socket 479 with 8 RJ45 GbE, SATA, CF, PCI-E x 8 is priced at $591.

WIN Enterprises, North Andover, MA.
(978) 688-2000. [].

Compact Core 2 Duo Fanless Computer Comes in an Industrial-Grade Enclosure

Designed for kiosk, digital signage, vehicle, gaming/entertainment and industrial automation applications, a new compact fanless computing appliance is housed in a rugged compact aluminum chassis (8.7”W x 8.5”D x 3.5”H). The enclosure of the PL-60590 from WIN Enterprises is sealed from environmental intrusion and is designed for anti-vibration for high reliability. The scalable unit is powered by a choice of Intel Core 2 Duo/ Core Duo/ Celeron M processors supported by Intel 945GME and ICH7R chipsets. The Intel 965GME chipset supports dual independent displays with CRT, DVI & 24-bit LVDS technology. An Intel 82573L Ethernet controller provides support for two GbE LAN ports.

The robust unit features four COM ports, six USB 2.0 ports, dual GbE Ethernet, VGA, a PS/2 port, and one MIO module that can be used for the expansion of I/O functions. The unit supports a 2.5” hard disk for high-capacity storage and one DDRII 533/667 DIMM socket for up to 2 Gbyte system memory. The RoHS-compliant product is available now. Linux, Windows Embedded XP and FreeBSD are supported and the PL-06059 is available as a commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) controller or it can serve as the basis for a new OEM design. Unit pricing for the PL-60590 begins at $448 in OEM quantities.

WIN Enterprises, North Andover, MA. (978) 688-2000. [].

Managed Ethernet Switch Enables Faster, More Secure Communication

A new 3U CompactPCI (CPCI) managed Ethernet switch features eight Fast Ethernet channels on the front via RJ45, M12 or D-Sub connectors, depending upon the application, and an optional channel accessible through the rear J1 connector for exceptionally fast and secure communication within an embedded system. A special service interface at the front of this F302 switch from MEN Micro provides a number of options to configure the Ethernet channels individually via a hardware key, a Telnet command line interface or SNMP, without opening the system itself.

Designed for rugged, communication-intensive applications as found in transportation and other mobile environments, the new F302 is compliant with the EN 50155 railway standard and offers an operating temperature of -40° to +85°C (-40° to +185°F) as well as soldered components to resist the effects of shock and vibration. The switch uses an FPGA-based low-power CPU that integrates the configuration firmware and keeps the entire board’s power consumption to less than 7W. Front panel width is either three-slot (12 HP) with the standard RJ45 connectors or four-slot (16 HP) with M12 or D-Sub connectors. In either configuration, the card requires only one CPCI backplane slot.

The fault-tolerant F302 features built-in self-test mechanisms to increase the card’s reliability. The switch restores itself on its own: if a link is temporarily unavailable, the F302 resumes operation after the disturbance without any restart or reset. The F302 supports full and half duplex, high-speed non-blocking store-and-forward switching and auto-negotiation as well as Layer 2 switching. The card is ready for conformal coating and has a guaranteed minimum availability of five years. Pricing for the F302 is $987.

MEN Micro, Ambler, PA. (215) 542-9575. [].

Software Puts High-Definition VoIP on MIPS Cores

A high-grade voice over IP software is now available on MIPS32 processor cores. This combination will enable System on Chip (SoC) designers to develop cost-effective products with advanced VoIP Quality of Service (QoS) and outstanding performance–leading to a more natural voice quality for devices such as IP Phones and Integrated Access Devices (IADs) for GPON, WiMAX and ADSL. VoIPerfect and VoIPerfectHD from AudioCodes deliver voice clarity, intelligibility and rich sound, improving the user experience by doubling the audible voice spectrum.

AudioCodes’ HD VoIP solutions are optimized for MIPS Technologies’ single-threaded and multi-threaded 32-bit cores, bringing together the high-performance MIPS architecture with AudioCodes’ leading DSP, voice coding and SIP application technologies. VoIP developers are expected to benefit from the combination of AudioCodes’ software and the MIPS32 34K core, which leverages multi-threading to process multiple VoIP channels and preserve voice quality. With its software running on the 34K core, AudioCodes achieved an acceleration of up to one and a half times compared to a single-threaded core.

AudioCodes software is optimized for MIPS cores, including the high-performance MIPS32 24K core and the multi-threaded 34K core; and is scalable to the next level of performance with the superscalar MIPS32 74K core and the multi-threaded, multi-core MIPS32 1004K Coherent Processing System. The solution can be currently demonstrated on the MIPS Malta Development System.

Lod, Israel.

Mobile VoIP Networked Intercom and Radio Interoperability System.

A mobile VoIP networked intercom and radio interoperability system manages collaborative voice communications between Land Mobile Radio (LMR), SATCOM terminals, user headsets and VoIP networked communication terminals, such as laptops, workstations and IP telephones. The BridgeWay-4M from Voiceboard is housed in a rugged and compact (8.875”L x 6.125”W x 1.875”H) package. It is powered from a 12-28 VDC supply, allowing for operation in land mobile vehicles, low to mid altitude airborne platforms or remote radio repeater sites. The unit is lightweight (1.5 lb) and requires a modest 4 watts of power, making it especially suitable for use in Man pack, UAV and portable emergency communication environments.

BridgeWay-4M packs the power to support 4 radios and up to 16 VoIP-based command and control consoles. Mission profiles may be downloaded into the BridgeWay-4M and stored in the system’s non-volatile flash memory via an Ethernet port or serial data port. Field personnel may plug in SAT phone, radios, headsets and VoIP networked communication terminals or PCs and in minutes receive the benefits of a “plug and play” VoIP networked intercom and radio interoperability system.

The BridgeWay MC2 command and control operator console GUI option is supported via an embedded Web server and call manager, eliminating the necessity for external server and call manager equipment. The MC2 call manager GUI provides operator command and control over multiple radios, cross patching and intercom communications across a multi-location distributed network. Multiple BridgeWay systems may be networked together and console operators may log in on to any terminal located on the network. MC2 client software will run on any laptop, computer or workstation supporting a standard Web browser and JAVA scripts.

Voiceboard, Camarillo, CA. (805) 389-3100. [].

Fully Integrated MIL-STD-1553 Terminal Speeds Integration

A fully integrated 1553 terminal consolidates all the necessary MIL-STD¬1553 components within a single, small, cost-effective PBGA package. The BU-64843T Total-ACETM from Data Device Corporation comprises a complete interface between a host computer and a MIL-STD-1553 bus that simplifies design, procurement and qualification processes. The Total-ACETM integrates dual transceivers, dual transformers, protocol engine and 4K words of internal RAM, and is fully software and hardware compatible with DDC’s Enhanced Mini-ACE series of devices. The BU-64843T is powered entirely by +3.3 volts, and offers an extended -40° to +100°C industrial temperature range. Additionally, the Total-ACETM is DO- 254 certifiable, and is available in RoHS-compliant versions.

Data Device Corporation, Bohemia, NY.
(631) 567-5600. [].

High-Density AC-DC Adapters for Medical Applications

A series of wall mount switching adapters, designed specifically for medical and information technology equipment (ITE) applications, are high-density, single output power adapters capable of delivering 12V at 12W total power and feature a slim form factor–enabling the use of multiple adapters in dual wall outlet configurations. DA12-M series switching adapters from Emerson Network Power are suitable for non-patient contact and non-patient critical medical and dental devices, and feature universal 90-264 VAC inputs in four AC plug configurations (US, UK, EU and AU models), each specifically suited for the region of the world in which they will be used. In addition, all four adapter configurations are engineered to meet stringent Level V Efficiency standards and are fully certified by Energy Star 2.0 and CeC approvals.

To ensure best-in-class power reliability, DA12-M series adapters feature comprehensive protections against overvoltage, overtemperature and short-circuit/overload conditions up to 150% above their maximum rating. The flexible power adapters also support a wide range of ambient operating temperatures from 0 to 40°C, have a ground leakage maximum current of 100 μA at 50/60 Hz and provide constant voltage/current output. In addition, the adapters comply with rigorous EN55022-B and FCC part 15 Level B EMC standards for conducted noise, feature built-in EMI filtering (CISPR 22 Class B) and boast an extensive array of ITE and medical safety approvals including UL/cUL/TUV/AS 60950-1/60601-1 certifications. Pricing starts at $8.00 per unit.

About Emerson Network Power, St. Louis, MO. (314) 553-2000. [].

Layer-2 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Features Front I/O Routing

Designed for demanding network switching applications in industrial, commercial, government, telecommunications and defense applications, a new 6U form factor switch provides support for 12 or 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports. The RM983RC from GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms ships with GE Fanuc’s OpenWare Lite switch management environment, providing customers with the flexibility to manage configuration of the RM983RC from a serial console or via the network.

Capable of Layer-2 switching at wire speed, the RM983RC’s 12 or 24 ports are routed to front panel I/O and can be 10/100/1000BaseT, 1000BaseSX or 1000BaseLX. Mixing and matching of fiber and copper media in groups of four is supported. The front panel I/O routing of the RM983RC extends the capability of the NETernity 6U VME product family by offering designers a choice of I/O routing; the recently announced NETernity RM982RC features rear I/O.

OpenWare Lite, which is available on selected NETernity switches, is designed to be easy to deploy. Linux-based, the software allows faster implementation and easy updates to firmware. A familiar Linux command line interface and remote Telnet user interface support allows users to select how they interact with the switch. Management features include support for VLANs, MSTP, trunking, mirroring and limited SNMP.

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, Charlottesville, VA.
(800) 368-2738. [].

High Industrial Ethernet System Availability with Powerlink Stacks

A major safety feature for industrial communication is continuous system availability, even if failures in essential components occur, e.g. in the communication master or in network connections (cables). To ensure high system availability, the availability of the controller as well as of the network must be guaranteed. For this reason, a highly available controller solution was considered for Powerlink at a very early stage, and was now specified in EPSG WDP 302 A and implemented by IXXAT.

Besides the primary Managing Node (MN), several redundant master devices can be operated in one network, which act like Controlled Nodes (CN). The MN transmits cyclic messages to the CNs, to ensure the reliable detection of a controller outage within one communication cycle. In that case, one of the redundant masters is activated by using a priority algorithm and immediately continues the tasks of the broken MN. The redundancy procedure is transparent for CN devices, so existing CNs can be used in highly available networks without adaptations.

Network redundancy is achieved by using two independent network cables. All messages are transmitted on both lines in parallel to enable the message reception by the network nodes even with one broken cable. The new version of the IXXAT Powerlink protocol software is implemented according to the Powerlink specification V 1.1.0 and is available as source code and as IP core for the development of highly performing Managing and Controlled Nodes based on an FPGA. The software is also implemented on the Industrial Ethernet Module from IXXAT. The extension package for the development of redundant managing nodes is optionally available.

IXXAT, Bedford, NH.
(603) 471-0800. [].

Low-Cost Brushless DC Motor Control Evaluation Board

A new low-voltage Brushless DC (BLDC) motor-control development platform supports the dsPIC33F family of motor control DSCs from Microchip Technology. It provides a cost-effective method for evaluating and developing sensored or sensorless BLDC and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) control applications. The board contains a three-phase inverter bridge circuit. This circuit drives a BLDC or PMSM motor using different control techniques, without requiring any additional hardware. The dsPICDEM MCLV board is capable of controlling motors rated up to 48V and 15 amps, and supports multiple communication channels, such as USB, CAN, LIN and RS-232. It employs a processor-differentiated Plug-In Module (PIM) strategy to support a variety of dsPIC33F motor-control DSCs with different memory and pin configurations. A dsPIC33FJ32MC204 PIM (32 Kbyte flash and 44 pins) is included with the dsPICDEM MCLV Development Board.

Additionally, Microchip announced two new motor-control software solutions: one shows how Power Factor Correction (PFC) algorithms can be combined with sensorless motor-control algorithms on a single chip. The second software solution demonstrates how to run an AC Induction Motor (ACIM) faster than its rated speed for a class of applications to lower cost, save space or reduce weight. Both are available today for free at

The worldwide demand for improved power quality standards is driving the trend to add PFC to line-powered motor control applications. Power quality can be enhanced by implementing PFC, and efficient control of a motor can be realized using sensorless field oriented control (FOC) techniques. Both can be achieved by integrating PFC and sensorless FOC algorithms on a single dsPIC DSC. The dsPICDEM MCLV Development Board (part # DM330021) is available now for $150.

Microchip Technology, Chandler, AZ.
(888) 628-6247. [].

14 kW, Dual Channel DC Motor Controller with Optical Encoder Inputs

An intelligent dual channel DC motor controller is capable of directly driving up to 120 amps on each channel at up to 60V. The AX2860 from Roboteq is targeted at designers of mobile robotic vehicles including Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV), Underwater Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs), and mobile robots for exploration, hazardous material handling, and military and surveillance applications.

The controller accepts commands from either standard R/C radio for simple remote controlled robot applications, analog joystick or RS-232 interface. Using the serial port, the AX2860 can be used to design fully or semi-autonomous robots by connecting it to single board computers, wireless modems or Wi-Fi adapters.

The controller’s two channels can be operated independently or combined to set the direction and rotation of a vehicle by coordinating the motors on each side (tank-like steering). The motors may be operated in open or closed loop speed mode. The AX2860 includes inputs for two Quadrature Encoders up to 250 kHz, and four limit switches, for precise speed and traveled distance measurement. The AX2860 features intelligent current sensing and controlling that will automatically limit each channel’s power output to 120A. For higher power application, the product may be ordered in a Single Channel configuration, capable of driving single load up to 240A at 60V.

The AX2860 is built into a compact 9.0”L x 5.5”W x 1.6”H (228 mm x 140 mm x 40 mm), robust extruded aluminum case, which also serves as a heat sink for its output power stage. The large fin area ensures sufficient heat dissipation for operation without a fan in most applications. The AX2860 is priced at $720 in single quantities.

Scottsdale, AZ.
(602) 617-3931.

Scientific and Medical Instrument Cabinet Enclosures

A cabinet enclosure for scientific and medical instrumentation applications from Optima EPS is designed with several features in mind for scientific and medical instrumentation. This includes a flexible, modular design that allows a wide range of shelves, rails, perforated panels, wiring duct, divider panels and ergonomics. DIN rails for mounting instrumentation are prevalent. The 14” shelves and 19” dividing rails are geared toward common equipment sizes for these applications. The enclosures come in standard 14U-24U heights and 32”, 34” and 36” depths. Widths range from 30-36”. With the enclosure line’s modular design, other sizes can easily be configured with little customization.

Other features for the enclosure line include a rear-perforated panel for airflow, EMC shielding, and rear access. Various accessories are available such as castors, shelf options, mounting devices and more. Optima also offers painting/powder coating, silk-screening and customization services. Pricing is under $700 depending on volume, options and configurations.

Optima EPS, Tucker, GA.
(770) 496-4000. [].

Hybrid Ethernet-Terminal/Multiport Device Server

A Device/Terminal Server enables users to remotely access and manage up to 16 devices on a corporate network. Using industry-standard management tools, the multiport EDSPS from Lantronix servers allows serial equipment, such as medical devices, kiosks and retail terminals, to be accessed and managed via the Internet.

The RoHS-compliant EDSPS includes strong SSH, SSL and AES-encryption, enterprise-level security, which is especially important in today’s corporate environment. Lantronix’ highly secure Evolution OS ensures data transported through the EDS is protected from denial of service, port mapping and other hostile Internet attacks. The data center-grade level of protection is easy to configure and allows organizations to attach multiple electronic devices to their corporate network.

Lantronix’ device servers also feature industry-standard management tools for easy configuration and monitoring, and email and RSS notifications for instant visibility of device activity. The EDS’ standards-based communications include a simplified, Cisco-like command line interface (CLI) to assist with set-up and control, in addition to XML-based and Web configuration tools.

Lantronix, Irvine, CA. (949) 453-3990. [].