Multi-Channel Gigabit Ethernet Data Recorder Supports 500MByte/s

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Multi-Channel Gigabit Ethernet Data Recorder Supports 500 Mbytes/s 

A fixed-featured off-the-shelf multi-channel Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) streaming data recorder system is designed for demanding sensor-to-processor streaming data applications. The Vortex SDRxE from Curtiss-Wright Controls combines a uniquely equipped 3U controller with a reliable, scalable storage subsystem. This rack-mountable data recorder can record up to four channels of GbE data at 125 Mbytes/s per channel. The Vortex SDRxE speeds the integration of high-speed data recording and data logging capabilities into subsystems designed for instrumentation recording, mission recording and SIGINT/ELINT recording applications.

 The Vortex SDRxE enables high-volume, continuous streaming recording of GbE data. Its flexible storage design enables system integrators to add one or more Vortex SBOD or RAID storage systems as needed for their application’s required recording duration. A wide range of Vortex storage options includes a 3U SBOD with 16 Fibre Channel (FC) disks, the compact 2U RAID that houses 12 SATA or SAS disks, and the 4U RAID that supports up to 48 SATA or SAS disks. For extreme applications requiring rugged storage, the Vortex SANbric system supports rotating FC disks.

 The Vortex SDRxE supports the special data storage methods required by streaming GbE-based sensor-to-processor applications. Captured GbE data is striped across multiple FC disks in an SBOD to ensure uninterrupted recording. Because Vortex storage technology bypasses the file system, it provides total control over data storage and enables high-speed data access via FC from other computers using heterogeneous operating systems. 

The Vortex Graphical User Interface (GUI) controls the recorder. This GUI is fast to learn and easy to set up. After selecting a few parameters, a record or playback session is initiated by simply pressing the corresponding button. Accurate time-stamp for playback of critical data Vortex data recorders feature the unique RapidReplay hardware system that enables the SDRxE to capture and time-stamp incoming individual GbE data frames at full GbE line rates prior to storage. This extremely accurate time-stamping enables the precise data playback, via the GbE channels, needed for detailed post analysis.

Time-stamped data is transferred via Fibre Channel (FC) to an external Vortex 3U SBOD (or RAID). With sixteen 450 Gbyte FC disks, a single SBOD provides 7.2 Tbytes of storage. With four channels of 125 Gbyte/s GbE data, the Vortex SDRxE can support nearly 4 hours of recording time. To increase record time only requires the addition of another SBOD. Highly reliable enterprise class, FC disks are designed for 24/7 service with MTBF of >1,600,000 hours.

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