Desktop Network Appliance Based On Latest Atom N450

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An ultra-low-voltage desktop network appliance utilizes the new Intel Atom processor N450 and measures approximately half the size of A4 paper, so its compact footprint means it can be placed easily anywhere in the office. The CAD-0205 from American Portwell Technology supports four GbE ports and two pairs of bypass segments. It is able to support one 2.5-inch HDD and up to 2 Gbyte memory. Other features include one RJ45 console port, dual USB ports, one Mini PCIe slot and VGA. The CAD-0205 is suitable for entry-level network security applications, including UTM, IDS/IPS, Content Filtering, Anti-virus and Firewall. It can also be used as a router/switcher and other non-security-based applications, such as VPN, load balancing, network monitoring and QoS.

The Intel Atom processor N450 delivers strong performance for packet transmission and enables a space-efficient, two-chip platform design, making it good for network application developers. In addition, it has low power consumption and IA-64 architecture for software programming. Compact in size (7.5” W x 5.9” D x 1.65” H), CAD-0205’s maximum power consumption is less than 30 watts. Moreover, it is both China and EU RoHS and also REACH compliant. 

CAD-0205 supports DDR2 667 non-ECC memory up to 2 Gbyte, four Gigabit Ethernet ports with two pairs of bypass segments through PCI-E x1 interface based on Intel 82583V Ethernet controllers, different storage devices such as 2.5” HDD or SSD (Solid-State Drive) via serial ATA and CF (Compact Flash), one slot for PCI Express Mini Card supporting both PCI-E x1 and USB 2.0 connectivity, dual USB ports, one RS232 console through RJ45 interface and semi-cut holes for VGA connector and wireless antennas. With front LED and rear I/O access, it is easy to customize the panel and case.

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