Embedded Virtualization Manager Pairs Windows with RTOSs

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Embedded Virtualization Manager Pairs Windows with RTOSs

A new embedded virtualization manager software product enables different real-time operating systems (RTOSs) to run alongside Windows on the same multicore processor platform without sacrificing determinism, performance or features. Using eVM for Windows from TenAsys, applications that have been developed for stand-alone RTOSs such as QNX, VxWorks, Windows CE and numerous others, can now be run on multicore Windows platforms with full native performance. Unlike other virtualization schemes, which can fail in time-critical applications, eVM for Windows’ embedded virtualization technology utilizes hardware-assisted features built into Intel processors to allocate hardware resources and ensure that time-critical I/O processes aren’t interrupted, thereby ensuring that systems provide deterministic response to real-time events.

eVM for Windows enables cost savings by allowing systems that previouslyrequired multiple platforms in order to guarantee determinism to be implemented on a single multicore platform. In addition to saving hardware costs by eliminating redundant memories, power supplies, circuit boards and interconnects, this approach also cuts the cost of system design and maintenance. Investments in legacy software are protected by enabling the hosting of legacy RTOSs and application software on their own cores while new features are implemented on other OS environments on other cores. eVM for Windows is priced a $995 in a starter kit at the TenAsys Web site.  

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