10GbE OEM-Ready Appliance Fueled by 12 Cores

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A new dual-processor network appliance features the Intel Xeon 5600 processor series to offer enhanced computing performance for high-speed modular I/O processing of multiple GbE and 10GbE links. Purposefully built for high-end network security and packet processing applications, the FWA-6500 from Advantech takes advantage of the Intel AES New Instructions (Intel AES-NI), which frees up valuable processor cycles for more virtualization and processing. Intel AES-NI adds new instructions that provide robust encryption without the need for additional appliances or increased performance overhead.  

Additionally, Intel Trusted Execution Technology (Intel TXT) performs SHA-1 hash measurements for RSA decryption key exchanges as part of the code authentication process. This means greater security in network transactions without a loss in processing power. With up to 6-core operation (up to 12 threads per socket with Intel Hyper Threading Technology), 50% L3 cache increase to 12 Mbyte, and support for lower voltage DDR3L DIMMs, the capabilities of the new processors will facilitate further platform consolidation whilst decreasing power budget.  

Network connectivity is fast and flexible with up to 16 front accessible GbE ports supported by 4 quad Gigabit Ethernet modules, based on the Intel 82576EB Gigabit Ethernet Controller, or multiple dual 10GbE modules based on Intel’s 82599EB 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller. The modules plug into a 32-way PCI Express (PCIe) Gen2 mid-plane, providing high-speed interconnects to the I/O controller hub, making the system fast and efficient. RJ45 and SFP/SFP+-based modules are supported and can be mixed and matched as required. Copper modules come with optional LAN bypass capabilities. Two further PCIe x4 slots are available internally for standard add-in cards for offload purposes or network processor-based coprocessing. 

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