4-port and 8-port Power-over-Ethernet ICs Offer an HDBaseT-Compliant Solution

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New 4-port and 8-port Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) ICs offer a smaller form factor and lower power dissipation. The new 4-port PD69104 and 8-port PD69108 Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) PoE Managers from Microsemi are optimized for both commercial and industrial applications, delivering power to devices ranging from video screen phones and WiMAX transmitters to pan-tilt-zoom cameras, thin-clients and laptop computers.

In addition, the new ICs are HDBaseT-compliant solutions. HDBaseT is the latest, most advanced connectivity technology for long-distance transmission of uncompressed high-definition video, audio and power. The technology enables 5Play simultaneous connectivity to numerous entertainment devices over a single 100m Cat5e cable.

Key features include multiple power management modes. Dynamic power management lowers system cost by 40% by reducing the power supply size, plus emergency power management supports multiple power supplies for granular power addition. In addition, backplane power management allows sharing of power supplies between multiple switches in a system. Resilient power management increases system resilience while maximizing power supply use. 

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