Monitor Provides Real-Time Visibility into System Performance and Health

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A graphical software tool provides real-time visibility into systems that use Real-Time Innovations’ Data Distribution Service. RTI Monitor collects information and analyzes data flows, errors and network traffic so users have better performance and health data on their deployed systems. RTI Monitor functions as a configurable dashboard for quick-read, real-time display of system data. 

RTI Monitor augments Data Distribution Service, RTI’s implementation of the Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS) Standard. RTI Monitor displays real-time data in color-coded charts, diagrams, tables and trees. This insight is useful during multiple phases of application development and management, from component integration, debugging and performance tuning to network-usage tracking and traffic analysis. 

RTI Monitor’s window into complex behavior is key for developers, integrators and operators. The tool not only collects detailed statistics on middleware activity—network traffic and errors, component configuration and system connection state—but also serves as a vital component for tracking and tuning application performance.

RTI Data Distribution Service provides a data-centric messaging and integration infrastructure for demanding, mission-critical distributed applications. It combines deterministic performance, low latency, high throughput and fault tolerance into a fast, scalable architecture for real-time systems. By decoupling applications, RTI Data Distribution Service significantly reduces long-term software lifecycle costs. Individual subsystems may be modified, added or upgraded without affecting existing software.

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