Slave SBC Serves as Ethernet Diagnosis Buffer

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A new 3U CompactPCI PowerPC-based slave CPU board serves as an Ethernet diagnosis buffer. The F218 from Men Micro helps to reduce wiring and installation requirements for easier implementation and reduced maintenance. Two Ethernet controllers within the FPGA enable the host to view the F218 as an Ethernet device, similar to a front connection of two CPU boards via an Ethernet cable. The use of FPGA technology enables the incorporation of additional user-specific I/O functionality into the board.

Built on the PowerPC Power Architecture, the F218’s MPC8314 e300-based core is a cost-effective, low-power and highly integrated processor that makes the slave board ideal for a number of embedded computing environments found throughout the transportation, medical and industrial markets. The core processor operates at up to 266 MHz. The F218 features up to 256 Mbyte of soldered DDR2 SDRAM system memory with a bus frequency of 133 MHz as well as 16 Mbyte of flash as standard. An optional 1 Mbyte of non-volatile FRAM is also available.

The card is qualified for operation from -40° to +85°C and supports VxWorks and Linux as standard with QNX available upon request. The VxWorks board support package (BSP) boots in less than two seconds. MTBF, according to IEC/TR 62380 (RDF 2000), is 427,994 hours at 40°C. Single quantity pricing is $940.

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