Plug-and-Play Integration of Avionics Software

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A combination of DDS-compliant middleware with an ARINC 653-compliant RTOS dramatically reduces the time and cost required to develop and integrate distributed avionics software. The combined solution also drives down lifecycle costs by supporting standards-compliant programming interfaces and protocols, eliminating the pitfalls inherent in traditional proprietary solutions. Real-Time Innovations has announced that its Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS) middleware now supports Wind River’s VxWorks 653 real-time operating system (RTOS).

Today, most avionics software relies on custom, vendor-specific integration logic that couples integrated applications with the underlying communication mechanism. This tight coupling results in high maintenance and upgrade costs because all applications must be updated and tested in lockstep whenever the communication mechanism changes. This can occur, for example, when modifying separate federated components on a common communications bus, or moving federated avionics components into an integrated modular avionics (IMA) system.

RTI Data Distribution Service eliminates this coupling and the resultant cost, complexity and maintenance. Instead of using hardcoded integration logic, applications communicate by simply publishing the data they produce and subscribing to the data they need. RTI automatically connects matching publishers and subscribers in a plug-and-play manner, so applications need no direct knowledge of each other. Communication is seamless, whether within an ARINC 653 partition or between partitions, cores or systems. This enables rapid scalability and system reconfiguration. RTI Data Distribution Service for VxWorks 653 is available today as an early-access release. Pricing begins at $21,000 USD for new customers.

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