Intel Celeron 827E Addition to Sandy Bridge Family of PCIe/104 SBCs

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Advanced Digital Logic has announced the addition of its Intel Celeron 827E to its Sandy Bridge ADLQM67PC platform. The Sandy Bridge Celeron 827E is a single core, single thread processor that features most of the Intel Core i7 benefits. The Intel 6 series chipset (QM67 PCH) offered on the ADLQM67 coupled with the single core, single thread architecture of the 827E Celeron, makes it an attractive choice for many industrial RTOS applications that do not need all of the computing power of the multicore Intel Core i7. The QM67 PCH provides PCIe 2.0 I/O bandwidth at twice the speed (5 Gbit/s) of previous Intel Core platforms. The relatively low price point of the ADLQM67PC-827E makes it an excellent choice for many cost-conscious RTOS implementations.

 The ADLQM67PC-827E features a wide range of robust I/O functions. The ADLQM67PC has a discrete 16-bit digital I/O port as well as separate VGA, LVDS, HDMI and Display Port interfaces. The ADLQM67PC also has 2x RS-232 COM ports,  2x SATA 6 Gbit/s with RAID support, 8x USB2.0, two bootable Gigabit Ethernet LAN, HDA 7.1, and bottom-stacking Type 1 PCI/104-Express V2.0 connector supporting PCIe 2.0 throughput of 5 GT/s.  

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