RTOS Adds Real-Time SMP Support for ARM MPCore

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The ThreadX RTOS from Express Logic has been adapted for ARM’s MPCore multicore processor architecture. ThreadX/SMP, an enhanced version of ThreadX, provides synchronous multicore support that preserves real-time responsiveness. ARM MPCore achieves a significant performance boost by sharing the processing load over the multiple processor cores of the MPCore, while maintaining the real-time responsiveness critical to demanding embedded applications. 

The ARM MPCore offers up to four processors, with a unified shared memory accessible by all. Express Logic uses this shared memory to design a symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) version of the ThreadX RTOS that runs concurrently on all processors from a single copy in shared memory. Application processing is automatically distributed across the processors as processing demands dictate, based on available processor cores, without the developer needing to be concerned about managing multiple processors. Because of this, programming MPCore is as straightforward as developing an embedded application for a single-core processor with the benefit of multicore performance.

ThreadX/SMP achieves a high degree of ease of use by enabling multicore applications to be developed without needing to know the details of the MPCore architecture. ThreadX/SMP efficiently allocates and manages hardware resources to maximize application thread efficiency. ThreadX/SMP transparently maps application threads to individual cores within the MPCore, providing automatic load balancing. Optionally, the developer can directly manage the use of cores for individual application threads. The low overhead of ThreadX produces an efficient thread-to-core allocation and assignment—a feat that can be difficult for larger RTOSs and OSs to achieve. ThreadX/SMP is available in full source-code form, royalty-free, with project license prices starting at $15,500. 

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