Digital Recorders Take up to Two 10 Gbit Ethernet Streams with Zero Loss

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 A new family of COTS turnkey high-speed digital recorders can continuously record up to two 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) data streams to a RAID array without data loss. The Talon RTS 2715 from Pentek is available with either magnetic or solid-state disk drive arrays. The RTS 2715 can capture one or two simultaneous 10GbE data streams, guaranteeing zero data loss with an aggregate recording rate up to 2 Gbyte/s. It accepts either TCP or UDP data packet protocols and stores data to files on a RAID disk array. The RTS 2715 can also play data back from its drives, streaming it over the 10GbE channels using either protocol. An optional GPS module provides time and position stamping during data capture.

The RAID drives are hot-swappable, allowing virtually unlimited data capture capacities. Because the files are stored in a NTFS (new technology file system) format, users can read the files on a standard Windows-based computer system, eliminating the need for file format conversion. Two Gigabit Ethernet ports, four USB ports and a built-in optical disk drive provide alternatives for off-loading data. Single-channel recorders are available in 5 Tbyte, 10 Tbyte and 20 Tbyte versions using up to 24, 3.5” hard disk drives (HDD). A 2 Tbyte version uses up to eight solid-state drives (SSD). Dual-channel recorders include 10 Tbyte and 20 Tbyte HDD and 3 Tbyte SSD versions. Both 4U and 5U rack mount chassis configurations are offered.

The RTS 2715 is built on a server-class Windows 7 Professional workstation with a 1.8 GHz Intel Core i7 processor and 2 Gbyte of SDRAM. This workstation comes pre-loaded with Pentek’s SystemFlow Recording Software, which provides a simple and intuitive GUI (graphical user interface) for system configuration and control that shares the look and feel of other Pentek Talon recording systems. Pricing starts at $19,995 for the single-channel, copper interface version.

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