Cost-Effective EtherCAT Master Solution for DIN Rail Mounting

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A powerful and flexible EtherCAT Master solution for DIN rail mounting uses the proven protocol software from acontis for EtherCAT Master Class A and B devices. With the IXXEC-100 from IXXAT, a specially optimized link layer allows it to operate with cycle times of less than 1 ms. The selected EtherCAT Master implementation, as well as the included drivers and the Linux operating system, enables the fast implementation of customized EtherCAT applications and rapid adoption of existing applications to the compact and powerful IXXEC-100. In addition, the available EtherCAT Master “feature packs” are supported, including hot connect and ring redundancy.

The unit has, despite its fanless design, an extended temperature range from -40° to + 70°C, and enough power and interfaces to become the optimal solution for various applications.The basic version has four Ethernet interfaces, two CAN interfaces and two USB ports. Customer-specific interfaces or functional enhancements (e.g., digital and analog I/Os, DVI output) can be implemented quickly and easily using expansion slots or the implemented FPGA. 

IXXEC-100 uses a dual core Cortex A9 CPU. The internal RAM memory has a standard size of 256 Mbytes and can be extended up to 1 Gbyte. Operating system and programs are stored in flash memory on a SD card. It also provides a high degree of flexibility by using a combination of interfaces, FPGA, software and services. This makes the IXXEC-100 a suitable platform for application-optimized and customer-specific solutions. For this, IXXAT offers a comprehensive Linux board support package enabling quick and easy implementation of custom software solutions on the IXXEC-100 (e.g. gateways). IXXAT offers the IXXEC-100 also as a board-level product for space-saving integration into already existing customer applications.

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