Ethernet “Anything I/O FPGA Card”

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A general purpose FPGA-based programmable industrial I/O card provides a 100 BaseT Ethernet host interface. The MESA 7I80HD from Mesa Electronics is a low cost, general purpose, FPGA-based programmable I/O card with 100 BaseT Ethernet host connection. The 7I80HD uses 50-pin I/O connectors with interleaved grounds and I/O module rack compatible pinouts. The 7I80 is compatible with all of Mesa’s 50-pin daughter cards.

Open source FPGA firmware configurations are provided for hardware step/dir generation to 25 MHz, PWM generation, analog servo control, absolute (SSI and BISS) and incremental encoder counting, real-time remote I/O, timing, event counting and high-speed serial communication. All 72 7I80HD I/O bits are 5V tolerant. A jumper-selectable PTC protected power option allows 1A of 5V power to be supplied to the external daughter cards. Four-layer construction is used to minimize radiated EMI and provide optimum ground and power integrity. A series of daughter cards is available for industrial motion control, CNC retrofit, high-speed, real-time I/O, Analog I/O, RS-422 interfaces, encoder counting and other applications. The 7I80HD is available with two FPGA sizes, a XC6SLX16 (the 7I80HD-16) and a XC6SLX25 (the 7I80HD-25). Quantity hundred price of the 7I80HD-16 is $108; the 7I80HD-25 is $122.

Mesa Electronics, Richmond, CA. (510) 223-9272. [].