RTOS Includes Hardware Virtualization

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Sysgo has announced the release of version 3.5 of its hypervisor PikeOS. Focus of the innovation is the support of hardware virtualization enabling the execution of guest operating systems without any adaption. Additionally, PikeOS 3.5 is equipped with an enhanced PikeOS Native personality and improved Linux support by using ELinOS 6.0 and Android 4.3.1. The integrated development environment CODEO has also been updated and speeds up the configuration process of ELinOS and Android personalities.

PikeOS 3.5 seamlessly integrates support for the ARM Virtualization Extensions - introduced in the Cortex A-15 SoC family - into its safe and secure virtualization technology. The PikeOS Virtual CPU Personality allows execution of an unmodified guest operating system inside a PikeOS partition without compromising  performance. Benchmark results of a guest operating system are equal to a native setup in most scenarios. In particular benchmarks producing system calls or exceptions run without any penalty in a PikeOS partition. Guest operating systems are constrained by time and space partitioning as well as health monitoring and can be connected via the generic P4Bus to PikeOS interpartition communication services and the PikeOS file system.

The new ELinOS version 6.0 is compatible with PikeOS 3.5 and can run inside a PikeOS partition, either as a para-virtualized or, on ARM Cortex A-15 based platforms, as a hardware virtualized guest operating system. In addition to ELinOS 6.0 an Android personality is available for the ARM architecture. The platform independent version is based on Android 4.3.1 and the version for Freescale i.MX 6 with direct I/O access from Android is based on Android 4.2.2.

PikeOS is a hypervisor intended for embedded systems with safety and security requirements. With real-time, virtualization and partitioning, it provides all the features needed to build today’s multi-functional and high-integrated devices. The PikeOS architecture creates a foundation for critical systems allowing official approval by the authorities in reference to safety and security standards. PikeOS is the only European software platform for smart devices in the Internet-of-Things (IoT).

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