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Recorders with Serial FPDP System Provides 4 TB Hot Swappable Storage

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A new recorder extends the Talon Value Series of rackmount recorders from Pentek that are optimized for laboratory operating environments. The RTV 2602 supports up to four independently clocked Serial FPDP links using copper or optical cables with single-mode or multimode fibre with flexible baud rate selection to support virtually all popular Serial FPDP interfaces. It is capable of both receiving and transmitting data over these links and supports real-time data storage to disk and playback from disk. Up to four channels can be recorded or played back simultaneously with an aggregate rate of up to 400 MB/ sec. Providing 4 TB of data storage, the six enterprise-class, hot-swappable front-panel disk drives can be easily replaced by empty drives when full.

All Talon recorders are built on a Windows 7 Professional workstation and include Pentek’s SystemFlow software, featuring a GUI (graphical user interface), signal viewer, and API (Application Programming Interface). The GUI provides intuitive controls for out-of-the-box turn-key operation using point-and-click configuration management. Configurations are easily stored and recalled for single-click setup. User settings to configure data format for the signal viewer provide a virtual oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer to monitor signals before, during and after data collection. The C-callable API allows users to integrate the recorder control into larger application systems.

Pentek provides a Talon Recording System Simulator for evaluation of the SystemFlow software package. The Talon RTV 2602 Value Series recorder starts at $19,495 USD and is available for expedited delivery from stock.

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