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3U VPX System Quick Start Kit that Speeds System Development

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A new family of rugged 3U VPX Lab System Quick Start Kits (QSK) accelerates the development of rugged deployed systems for defense and aerospace applications. The QSKs from Curtiss-Wright provide proven 3U VPX modules pre-configured in a 6-slot lab/demonstration chassis. Available in a wide range of configurations, these fully integrated COTS development platforms are designed to speed the development of VPX-based compute-intensive deployed applications.

The fully integrated QSKs feature Curtiss-Wright’s rugged 3U VPX modules, including Single Board Computers (SBC), FPGA solutions, Ethernet switches, graphics/video, and flexible I/O. Use of the QSKs enables system integrators to rapidly start their software development process. They reduce development cycles, increase test coverage, and speed the verification of a new system’s hardware performance, while it undergoes rigorous levels of simultaneous usage. As QSK configurations are pre-tested and pre-validated - development time and design risks are significantly reduced. Supported Curtiss-Wright 3U VPX modules can be provided in a QSK, enabling the system integrator to “mix-and-match” the system configuration to meet their application’s specific requirements.  Once the customer defines their desired configuration, delivery is within 4-8 weeks.

Curtiss-Wright QSK development systems can be configured with a wide range of 3U VPX modules. Advanced features such as Trusted COTS and Secure Routing are available on some modules, such as the Freescale-based SBC - VPX3-133 and Secure Router  - VPX3-685. The QSK’s modular design supports a wide range of I/O, Intel® Core™ i7 and Freescale Power Architecture CPUs, and Linux and VxWorks operating environments.

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, Ashburn, VA