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Low-Power Small-Form-Factor PCIe-Based SSDs for Embedded, Industrial Designs

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A new family of PCI Express (PCIe)-based SSDs features small size and power requirements under four watts, making them attractive storage solutions in space- and air-restricted embedded/industrial applications. The new Virtium StorFly SSDs, available in both M.2 and Mini Card form factors, are specifically designed to operate at low power and offer highly reliable and compatible drop-in storage for systems at the center of communications, networking, data acquisition, automation, and other demanding applications.

Drawing less power allows the new Virtium SSDs to generate less heat – higher temperatures diminish storage performance – which improves the devices’ reliability in systems where space is limited and airflow minimal, if not absent entirely. The M.2 and Mini Card drives’ value to these environments is further enhanced by their small “footprints” – 22x80mm for M.2, 30x51mm for Mini Card. The combined low power and small size provides system designers with the capability to scale their capacity by allowing integration of multiple SSDs all within a limited power budget or system footprint.

Built on Virtium’s established and widely deployed StorFly platform, the new M.2 and Mini Card SSDs are available in capacities of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB.  SSDs in this range are targeted for when reliability and compatibility take priority over capacity – such as in boot drives, data logging and read-oriented solutions -- and provide systems designers with more cost-efficient storage options. The M.2 and Mini Card drives’ PCIe 2.0 interface provides a future-proof solution as it enables access to a growing ecosystem of processors, systems and software developed around PCIe.

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