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Tool Suite Enhances Visibility into Software Life Cycle

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The version 9.5 release of the LDRA tool suite features new updates that automate manual processes and provide simple, easy-to-use visibility into the relationships between software artifacts at all stages of the software development life cycle from requirements through verification. Used by companies designing safety- and security-critical software in a variety of industries—such as aerospace and defense, medical devices, industrial controls, rail transportation, and automotive—LDRA tool suite 9.5 delivers faster, more effective, time-saving analysis and verification for companies developing critical systems.

Safety-critical systems have become increasingly dependent on software, which has grown dramatically in size and complexity as the speed, memory, and performance of modern systems support additional functionality. As a result, software projects extend across more of an organization and therefore the tools and technologies used to support these efforts are increasingly required to support multiple operating systems and platforms. Linux and all of its variants and dependencies continue to add complexity to the equation. Certifying systems developed and even deployed on these platforms requires software quality and verification tools that can address the need for increased scalability, process automation, and improved visibility into the relationships between software artifacts.

Updates to LDRA tool suite 9.5 tackle these challenges head on. Simplified, automated processes have streamlined how users create test cases while a clearer, expansive “Uniview” of the software components and artifacts improves understanding of requirement traceability, system interdependency and behavior, and overall standards compliance objectives. Enhanced Linux support automates dependency checking, greatly simplifying and speeding up the analysis of code in these environments. With the 9.5 release, users also have the ability to add custom attributes and types kept with each requirement or test case enabling the product to be customized and tuned to various project requirements for information and record keeping.

The LDRA tool suite offers independent verification support across the full development life cycle from certification objectives of standards, such as DO-178C, ISO 26262, IEC 61508, EN 50128, and IEC 62304, to requirements, code, and target testing.

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