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3.5” SBC with AMD Series-G SoC, 4K Resolution and Graphics Flexibility

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A 3.5” single board computer (SBC) features the AMD Embedded G-Series SoC with integrated chipset and 4K display capability. The MB-80910 from WIN Enterprises provides flexibility in graphics implementation through its support of HDML, VGA, and LVDS.  From an application standpoint, the MB-80910 can support a variety of IoT endpoints, like industrial controls, surveillance, POS, digital signage, electronic gaming and kiosks, while providing high performance with low and scalable power demands (DC 8V ~ 32V input). 

Key features include the second generation onboard AMD Embedded G-Series SoC and up to DDR-1866, maximum 8GB storage. A 4K display resolution is enabled via HDMI and the board supports VGA and LVDS as well. There are two Mini-PCIe sockets and a SATA interface along with six USB and four COM ports.

The AMD G-Series processors are designed to provide up to 60 percent better computing performance than the previous generation of the same AMD series. Configurable thermal design power is a feature that can limit power to just 5W at the processor level. This helps protect the CPU from failure through over-heating and ensures longer overall product life. 


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