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Wireless ‘PingPong’ IoT Edge Node Platform Connects Field Devices to the Cloud

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A new wireless IoT edge node, called the PingPong, is a flexible and powerful hardware platform for connecting field devices to the cloud. The module from Round Solutions is a small form factor board supported by an RTOS running with a Microchip PIC32MZ 32-bit MCU and a high-speed cellular Telit module. It is based on a modular hardware design principle that simplifies the integration of custom-specific applications and communication standards into a single solution platform. Target applications range from cloud-connected oil tanks and intelligent waste bins up to cloud-connected gateway systems for manufacturing robots.

The PingPong platform offers software engineers an application-ready, pre-validated PingPong data exchange mechanism which eases the IoT integration of any field device. With the supplied Round Solutions Open Source PingPong software development kits, the platform can be configured for nearly all IoT/M2M applications, such as sensor reading, asset tracking, routers, measurement technology, telemetry and security control. Thus, Round Solutions’ PingPong offers companies wanting to transfer their data to IoT cloud-servers a complete solution including software libraries and source code.

The PingPong hardware platform offers high-speed cellular modules for the IoT connectivity as well as numerous interfaces to the field – which can also be controlled via the Cloud. The standard interfaces include, for example, Ethernet, USB and CAN as well as a high-precision GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System). Developers can add various expansion cards to create a nearly unlimited number of application scenarios. Application-ready expansion cards are available for WLAN, Bluetooth, I/0, Iridium satellite communications, ISM/RF, SigFox, NFC/RFID and camera connectivity. All functions are ready for use as soon as the expansion cards are attached to the motherboard.

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