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Compact Image Processor Targets High Definition Action Applications

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A compact image processor is the eighth-generation product from its Milbeaut image processor series by Socionext. The MB86S27 is equipped with a powerful Codec Engine originally developed at Socionext, and is designed for delivering high resolution 4K video. It comes with 360-degree distortion correction and other state-of-the-art image processing functionalities suitable for high quality video with devices such as surveillance cameras, drones, action cameras and drive recorders.

The MB86S27 is designed to serve the growing need for high-definition, high-quality video in a broad range of rapidly expanding applications. These include surveillance cameras that are seeing an increasing demand worldwide, such as in drones that record in off-limit or hazardous areas, action-cameras in non-sport applications, and drive recorders effective for traffic accident investigation and are potentially  feasible as an integral part of new insurance programs.

In addition to 4K video capability, the device integrates hardware macros specialized for various image processing, thus reducing the CPU load. Power consumption is as low as 1.3W, when operating with 4K at 30 frames per second (fps). With the MB86S27, Socionext is developing and providing video-optimized platforms and firmware, as well as picture quality consulting services, delivering comprehensive solutions to customers.

Key features include an ARM Cortex A5 MP 400MHz x 2 CPU plus connected sensors including  subLVDS 12 lanes + 3 clocks 800 Mbps/lane. Interfaces include PCIe Gne2, 2 lanes x 1 channel, or PCIe Gen1, 1 lane x 2 channels and RGMII v1.3 at 1Gbps.

Network capability consists of  TCP/IP, RTP/UDP/IP offload assist, protocol stack and offload engine.

Image processing features include an H.264 Video Codec with full HD encoding at 120fps, 4K at 30fps plus multi-encoding (up to 6 streams). Imagine processing IP covers Noise Reduction and Optimization of high sensitivity. And all this with a power consumption: typically1.3W when operating 4K 30fps.

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