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Series of COM Express Modules Equipped With Sixth Generation Core Processors

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A series of Type 6 COM Express modules is based on the sixth generation Intel Core processor (codename Skylake) and Intel Q170, H110 and C236 chipsets. These Portwell’s new COM Express modules from American Portwell, the PCOM-B639VG, PCOM-B638VG and PCOM-B637VG, include Intel Turbo Boost Technology (Intel Core i7 and i5 processors), Intel vPro Technology supported by the Intel Q170 chipset for superior remote management capabilities, and Intel Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel Core i7 processors). 

The product series also supports new advanced features offered by the sixth generation Intel Core processors that boost IoT designs from the edge to the Cloud, including Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX), Intel Memory Guard Extensions (MPX), additional high speed input/output (HSIO) with increased flexibility, and expanded HW/GPU accelerated codec support. In addition, the PCOM-B639VG, PCOM-B638VG and PCOM-B637VG Type 6 COM Express modules deliver greater graphics performance, stunning Ultra HD 4K display across three independent displays, as well as faster 3D and video playback capability, all while with improved energy efficiency.

Specifically, the PCOM-B639VG and PCOM-B637VG Type 6 COM Express modules (125mm x 95mm) support up to 32GB (16GB for PCOM-B637VG) ECC (supported by C236 chipset only) and non-ECC 288-pin DDR4-2133 SODIMM, making both new modules faster than their predecessor. The expansion interface supports one PCI Express x16 Gen3 (8.0GT/s) for enhanced video delivering 1.6 times faster performance than that of the previous Gen2 (5.0GT/s), and eight PCI Express x1 Gen3 (8.0 GT/s). 

Furthermore, PCOM-B637VG and PCOM-B639VG support three independent displays, DP (DisplayPort), VGA and LVDS with greater 3D performance compared to its previous generation. Operating with a low TDP CPU (35 watts), the PCOM-B637VG can provide superior graphics performance for medical/healthcare systems and communications applications. 

The Portwell PCOM-B638VG Type 6 Compact COM Express module (95mm x 95mm) supports DDR4-2133 ECC/Non-ECC SODIMM up to 16GB on two 288-pin SODIMM sockets. Its low profile design with high performance and low power consumption, plus enhanced I/O features, making it an excellent choice for developing solutions for many IoT applications.

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