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Development Platforms

“Platforms” Make the Foundation for the Future of Embedded Development

Abstraction is the tool the human mind uses to deal with increasing complexity. We have certainly seen this tool at work in technology and in embedded development over the years. ARead More...

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Advances in Memory

Next Generation of Memory to Emerge from Smartphones

There may have been a time when being a memory manufacturer seemed like a pretty straight line job of cramming as many bits onto a die as possible and trying to keep up with theRead More...

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Intel Developers Forum

Intel Conference Points to the Expansion of the IoT into Everyday Life

The recent Intel Developers Forum (IDF) held in San Francisco has shed light on Intel’s direction for the coming year as well as some new technology developments. As embedded computingRead More...

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Uniting the IoT and Big Data

Big Data and Small Things: prpl Foundation Aims for Compatible Connectivity

Data center to device. That’s a tall order, but that is what is implied by the ambitious phenomenon known as the Internet of Things and it is attracting huge numbers of eagerRead More...

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3D Medical Imaging

Virtual Reality Becoming Real: Interactive 3D Medical Imaging

Since Wilhelm Röntgen first made an X-ray image of his wife’s hand in 1895, medical imaging has advanced in its insight, resolution and applications but is still regarded asRead More...

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Chassis and Enclosures

A Special Look at Chassis and Enclosures: When a Box Becomes a System

It is perhaps common to think of electronic enclosures and chassis as a given or maybe as a side issue in most systems. Of course, we all know that is not the case—not even for theRead More...

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IoT Development tools

The Cloud Becomes a Service Platform: IoT Development Made Easy

As with most new technology advances, the Internet of Things—in terms of both concept and implementation—has had something of the character of the Wild West. That is not a criticism;Read More...

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Neural Nets Enable Autonomous Cars

Pushing the Envelope on Graphics Processors and Opening the Way for Neural Nets

NVIDIA, long a key player in the graphics processor (GPU) arena, is coming out with ever more powerful processors build on its well-known and widely used CUDA architecture, is nowRead More...

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