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Developing for Multicore Systems

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Rails and Boxes

IEC 61850-3: The New Battle Cry for Power Substation Designers

IEC 61850 defines an Ethernet-based protocol used in power substations for data communication. Substations implement a number of controllers for a variety of purposes, includingRead More...

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Human/Machine Interfaces

Lower Cost, Better Results with Wearable Computers in the Enterprise

Wearable computers are becoming part of the fabric of enterprise application deployment. Today, a large portion of the information workforce is “deskless” yet still needs dataRead More...

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Motion Control and Safety

Machine Vision Passes the Bucket

Unloading empty paint buckets from a pallet and placing them on a conveyer line for filling is fast-paced, stressful and tedious work. One worker moves pallets from a truck, clipsRead More...

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Motion Control and Safety

A Framework for Safe Motion Control Firmware

Developing firmware for motion control systems can be a tricky business. Strict accuracy and repeatability combine with user safety to present a challenging set of requirements. How doRead More...

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Safety Certification - Easing the Path

Meeting the Demand for COTS Safe and Secure Certification Evidence

The demand for safety and security certification evidence for hardware and software in systems has increased dramatically in recent years. In the past, this evidence was developedRead More...

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