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The Great IIoT Gold Rush

  On September 9-10, 2011, I attended a "visionary" conference at Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel, California. The theme was Internet-of-Things (IoT). The driving force behind thisRead More...

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How Good is Your Software?

Good software performs the tasks you specify securely, safely and reliably. Moreover, it has to meet criteria such as application-specific, real-time requirements if your applicationsRead More...

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The Time Has Come, the Editor Said, “I’m Off to Other Things.”

It’s been almost 40 years—1975 to be exact—that I was a graduate student working on a PhD in 18th century German literature and got a part-time job in a surplus electronics store inRead More...

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How Ever-Smaller Things Get Really Big

Time was you could put together an embedded controller on a single board with a 32-bit microcontroller, some memory, an I/O device like a UART and a couple of lights and switches. ThenRead More...

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