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New Security Empower Machine Vision Functions

Mission-critical Machine Vision in an Insecure IoT World

Machine vision moving to “sense-plan-act’” In early applications, machine vision was used with frame grabbers and Digital Signal Processors (DSP). Today, with the development ofRead More...

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Stadnards Update

SUMIT-ISM—Uniting Legacy and Advanced I/O in a Stackable Form Factor

In early 2008, the Small Form Factor Special Interest Group (SFF-SIG) introduced a ground-breaking new interconnect technology called Stackable Unified Module Interconnect TechnologyRead More...

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Small DSP Boards

Digital Signal Processors at the Intersection of Form and Function

Consistent with Moore’s law, digital signal processors (DSPs) continue to grow in computational performance and functionality while shrinking in size. The pace of this architecturalRead More...

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Mobile Robots

Mobile Robotics: Moving Robots Forward

Mobile robotics is one of the fastest growing fields of engineering. By 2015, the Department of Defense has mandated that one third of all military vehicles must be autonomous. TheRead More...

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Security for Wireless Networks

Security in Wireless Sensor Networks

Devices and “smart objects” like industrial sensors are rapidly outnumbering workstations on networks worldwide, with some experts projecting that within 5 years there will be over 100Read More...

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Security for Wireless Networks

Wireless Security and CERT C

The widespread adoption of wireless technology in embedded systems, such as wireless DSL routers, printers, streaming audio devices, PDAs and smart phones, over the past decade has ledRead More...

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Managing Small Modules

Using I2C for "Behind-the-Scenes" Management

The Advanced Telecommunications Architecture (ATCA) and MicroTCA specifications include hardware platform management capabilities because the target markets demand high reliability andRead More...

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