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RTC focuses on how OEMs can achieve solutions within the standards-based environment. Solutions Engineering covers the impact of standards such as ATCA and IPv6 and issues such as EMI and SAF specifications for systems that are built and deployed to address real-world situations.

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Designing Very High Performance ATCA Systems

In today’s data-stream processing parameters, bandwidths reaching 10 Gigabits per second (Gbits/s) are considered to be high-bandwidth. For voice-processing applications, 10 Gbits/s isRead More...

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MicroTCA Spans Applications

Concept to Reality: An Application Architecture with MicroTCA

Much has been written about the virtues of MicroTCA platforms and AdvancedMC (AMC) modules. Both of these technologies have been maturing and there are now numerous options andRead More...

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High Temp in Small Spaces

Thermal Management of High Power in Small Spaces: Myths and Misconceptions Challenged

As power dissipation of electronics increases in parallel to the miniaturization pressures on these same volumes, previous rules of thumb and myths involving system-level thermalRead More...

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High Temp in Small Spaces

Thermal Management for the Small Box

Today’s industrial and military customers are demanding computer systems that have the ability to operate in a wider array of applications than traditional industrial and commercialRead More...

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Data Acquisition

Maximizing Resources in Data Acquisition Systems with a Network Data Model

Data acquisition devices have come a long way, but since the first devices were created, one thing has remained the same: they have limited resources. In such embedded devices highRead More...

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Intelligent Power Management

RTOS - The Heart of Good Power Management

Low power consumption is an essential requirement in many embedded applications. The growing importance of battery-powered applications for portable electronics, home automation andRead More...

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