I/O modules smaller than a credit card that interface via a 230-pin connector and support modern interfaces plus up to 100 points of application I/O per module.

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FeaturePak DAQ Module with 2MHz A/D, D/A, Autocalibration, and Digital I/O

FeaturePak DAQ Module with 2 MHz A/D, D/A, Autocalibration and Digital I/O  A new data acquisition model for a new standard is designed for the FeaturePak embedded I/O expansionRead More...

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FeaturePak Module Features 96 Programmable Digital I/O Lines

A new digital I/O module is compatible with the recently introduced FeaturePak embedded I/O expansion standard. Despite its diminutive size (smaller than a credit card), theRead More...

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FeaturePak Embedded I/O Comes to SUMIT-ISM Stacks

A new adapter board allows the use of FeaturePak I/O expansion modules in systems that provide SUMIT-ISM expansion stack locations. The FeaturePak socket on the SUMIT/FP AdapterRead More...

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Dual LED Backlit Multi-Function Display for Night Vision Goggle Applications

A new advanced performance option enhances demanding night flying and daylight display readability on a member of the Skyquest family of rugged displays from Curtiss-Wright ControlsRead More...