Medical Devices

Large systems such as MRI machines and small, portable devices used in medical diagnosis and treatment.

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AdvancedMC Processor Board with Core i7 and Integrated Graphics

AdvancedMC Processor Board with Core i7 and Integrated Graphics A single-width AdvancedMC processor module, designed with the new Intel Mobile Core i7 processor, offers aRead More...

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Transitioning From Analog to Digital in Medical Designs

The burgeoning medical device industry stands to make significant advances with a new generation of microcontrollers that boasts high performance and low power consumption. TheseRead More...

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Digital Medical Devices Fueling a Quiet Revolution in Health Care

With all the attention that health care has gotten in the media in recent months, there appears to be a development that has largely escaped widespread notice. That is the migration ofRead More...

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Software Platform for Medical Devices Comes with Compliance Documentation

A new software suite for medical devices is part of a comprehensive software portfolio designed for medical device development, including those devices requiring premarketRead More...

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IEC 62304-Compliant RTOS for Medical Devices

A new version of the QNX Neutrino RTOS has been developed to help medical device manufacturers reduce the effort of building infusion pumps, patient monitoring devices, blood analysisRead More...

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Let’s Party, and... BYOD

Way back when in the days of yore—that would be the mid-80s to most of you youngsters—I walked into a medical facility and saw a multi-million dollar CAT scanner. When I walked aroundRead More...

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Infection Control System Reduces MRSA Infections 56 Percent

MRSA is a bacterial infection that is becoming resistant to antibiotics. While 25 to 30 percent of people may carry the bacteria, it can become life threatening to those weakened byRead More...

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Motherboards to Meet Diverse Performance Needs of Medical Applications

A standard Flex-ATX board with two EN60601-1 compliant isolated Ethernet ports offers a long-term availability of seven years, and in addition to the isolated LANs, includes two DVIRead More...

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Microcontroller Integrates 16-bit ADC, 10 Msps ADC, DAC, USB and LCD

A new family of microcontrollers (MCUs) is an analog system on a chip that integrates a full analog signal chain, including an on-chip precision 16-bit ADC and 10 Msamples/s 12-bitRead More...